Trimaran Plywood Kit

M80 Trimaran Kit


The “M80”  trimaran, is designed for the home builder in mind who has  limited time and  basic experience with small hand tools.

The M80 trimaran uses the simple stitch and glue system with 6mm and 9mm plywood being the main components.

The M80 trimaran is  a folding trimaran, by using standard aluminium extrusions without any welding.

The trimaran kit is available in  CNC Gaboon plywood  with a comprehensive set of assembly plans.

As an option we also offer the plans for Duflex, Duracore panels or foam core.

Stitch and glue is undoubtedly one of the easiest methods to put a set of hulls together.All glass cloth is 300gm2 with  the hull bottom having one extra layer for protection from grounding or running up onto the beach.

Epoxy work on the structure is predominantly cove and fillet.



Principal dimensions

Loa:                                                                                                                  7.950  m                     26′

Sailing beam:                                                                                               5.900 m                      19′ 3″

Draught hull only                                                                                          .350  m                     1′ 2″

Board down    max.                                                                                    1.500 m                     5′ 0″

Displacement                                                                                                1.200 kg.                 2645 lb.

Sail area, main and jib:                                                                              37.9 m2                  407 sq. ft.

Mast height                                                                                                     11.00m                    31′

Trailing beam                                                                                              2.450 m                     8′ 3″

Trailing height                                                                                            2.700m.                     9′ 0″

Headroom                                                                                                    1.750m.                       5′ 8”

Wing berths                                                                               2000 x 600 mm.                       6′ 6″ x 2′



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