Plans for the M80 are set out in a simple format  showing a step by step approach to help you to go sailing with the  minimum amount of time.

Plywood for the mainhull and floats uses a scarfed or butt strapped join  giving full length one piece panels, by following the easy to follow dimensions on the plan it is only a matter of cutting with a jigsaw.

Alternatively the quick and easy option is to use the DXF files included in the plans and receive all panels accurately cut to shape, from there it is a simple process of assembly.


The plans show you in detail how to assemble the simple molds for the assembly of the main hull and floats,

the float mold is incorporated within the mainhull mold eliminating the need to build a separate mold.

Each half of the main hull is assembled with all bulkhead halves bonded in place, internal painting can also be applied at this stage.

A new system of kick up rudder blade has been designed fitting neatly into an open case in the transom.

The MOJO beams have been replaced with a conventional folding system with all aluminium parts being stock standard extrusions,

the alloy components are assembled without the requirement of welding.

Price of the plans include a reasonable amount of consultation with the designer.



PLAN PRICE……… SPECIAL OFFER … AUD $500.00………. includes DXF files.





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